what is brain in hand?

A professional, digital support system accessed via smartphone. It helps with making decisions, coping with anxiety and dealing with unexpected situations. 

The system combines high-quality help from a specialist, digital self-management tools for keeping each day on track, and easy access to support if needed.


Support for Employees and Students

Brain in Hand is a unique, professional, digital support system. Unlike traditional support, it can be with someone the whole time they’re working or studying; it allows people to decide what help they need, and access it easily. 

- Personalized – each user co-produces their own account and strategies based on their needs, goals, and skills, and decides on the features that will work best for them;

- Always available – self-management tools are easily accessible via smartphone, tablet or via the web;

- Insightful – gentle reminders and monitors give greater insight into what is working and where help might be needed, and helps people to realize and communicate their needs;

- Connected – extra help can easily and discreetly be accessed when it’s needed.

With Brain in Hand, people are much more able to solve problems for themselves, or to access help and advice before a problem becomes too big.

Person-Centred, Solution-Focused

Everything about Brain in Hand puts the individual in control of their own support. It’s a new way of doing things, with solutions accessed via a standard smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s also simple enough that it doesn’t require any extra equipment or special infrastructure to easily integrate into existing support services.

Proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs from working in 70+ organizations (UK) across education, employment, health and social care, Brain in Hand helps people to achieve the goals that are important to them.

who is brain in hand for?

Brain in Hand is for people who experience anxiety, find it hard to remember things, or have difficulties with executive function (for example, planning and organizing, initiating tasks, and responding to unplanned situations). These challenges may be common to many neurodivergent people, as well as those with a range of mental health support needs and some learning disabilities.

Brain in Hand concentrates on what’s important to an individual, the goals they want to achieve, and how they can use their strengths and skills to overcome challenges, manage anxiety, and deal with difficult situations 




The Brain in Hand package is made up of three key elements:

1. Personal planning sessions with a Specialist to get started;

2. An account for the secure web and mobile software;

3. A connection to responders to help get things back on track.

Personal Plan

A Brain in Hand Specialist helps each new user to get started, guiding them through the beginning of their journey. This first step is designed to get people thinking about their strengths, the things they find challenging, and what they want to achieve. The Specialist will then build on this, helping them to work out the best coping strategies for them: ways to use the things they’re good at to tackle the things they find difficult.


Brain in Hand gives easy access to coping strategies as and when they’re needed. A simple but smart website allows people to organize their day in a calendar, plan and set routines for each day’s events, break down tasks into simple steps, and add information about the problems they face and the solutions they can use to overcome them. Links can also be included so that useful resources such as timetables, work or study materials, or maps can be found when they’re needed.

There’s also a simple traffic light system on the user’s phone which lets people monitor their well-being, reassure the people supporting them that they’re doing OK, or quickly connect to on-demand support when they need some extra help.

Finally, a timeline of activity provides a tangible, visual cue to enable the user and their supporters to communicate effectively. Through reviewing the solutions that have worked for them, people can come up with new, effective strategies that address their specific needs.

Linked Support Team

What sets Brain in Hand apart is the team of professionals who support users.   

Brain in Hand responders deliver a non-medical support service designed to help people get their day back on track when they need it. If someone presses the red traffic light on their phone, or amber three times, a traffic light responder will be alerted that they’ve requested help. The responder can then get in touch via the user’s preferred contact method (text, call, or email) to see if they need a hand accessing the right coping strategies, or just some reassurance to help them feel better about a situation.

What is Brain in Hand Used For?

Everyone has something unique to contribute at work, in school and most importantly, in life. Brain in Hand is built around what’s important to the individual. This could be developing planning, communication, or organizational skills, or it could be building resilience and confidence to handle difficult situations and environments or cope with unplanned changes. 


For work

Brain in Hand offers a unique solution: equip employees with the power to decide for themselves what help they need. With access to bespoke coping strategies, people can solve problems at work independently; if things get tough, Brain in Hand connects employees to someone who can help – whether that’s their mentor, job coach, someone at work who helps to support them, or one of our trained responders.

for education

Schools, colleges, and universities use Brain in Hand to enhance the support they provide to students. Our support system focuses on each student’s strengths and goals to help them deal with the pressures of studying, social life, and transitioning between settings. It helps with progress into work and towards independence. 

 It’s not just about what we can offer to each student using our system, though. We know how to help you easily embed our support system into your practice; Brain in Hand can help stretched teams to support more students more effectively.  

for life!

Because Brain in Hand takes some of the strain of the little things, users can handle day-to-day difficulties more easily and free up energy to focus on the things that are really important to them.   People using our system can achieve all kinds of new goals. Big or small, broad or specific, each person will be helped to work towards the things that they want to achieve.

Person-centred + Solution focused

Succeeding in education or work, living in your own home more independently, socializing or taking part in activities, or even becoming so confident travelling on your own that you can visit every train station you like– these are all things that Brain in Hand has helped people to do, but users can choose any goal.