Why we are different

Firstly, in the fact that there is no one offering our very specific range of services.

Secondly, in the broad range of our expertise in business, employment services, skills development and training, educational technology, assistive technology, marketing and working within the disability, and mental health sectors.  Our advice and that of our Advisory Board stems from all of these.

Thirdly, our approach is based on problem solving using reverse engineering – what’s the challenge and the need and then find and implement the solution for you and with you, enabling sustainable and lasting implementations.

Finally, our passion and frustration to achieve change and progress, and empower you to embrace and embed new tools and approaches.

Why we are needed

Because change isn’t happening quickly enough and we can act as a catalyst and facilitator to accelerate and transform that for those working in the sector.

Because society needs further change its views on Ability and Exceptionality

Because labour and skill shortages can be addressed and because business and employers must really embrace the fact that bottom line performance, success and profit can be secured more solidly by embracing Inclusivity for People with Disabilities – and that they can do it for themselves, easily and sustainably.

Ditch the past – Diverse talents, different exceptionalities and perceptions are needed in order for many businesses to compete successfully going forward.

Yes, increasingly progressive and strategic employers and business leaders across all sectors do understand this and are actively seeking to recruit and employ people with disabilities into workforce development strategies, with beneficial results.   But they are still the exception, not the norm.

More of this needs to happen – only through discovering new ways of working and embracing new technologies and tools can this be achieved – Distinctability is the new enabler for this.

Where are we going

We have 3 simple aims at Distinctability

To help others dramatically increase the number of People with a Disability in Employment across Canada and the UK

To become the leading Inclusivity Consultancy for independent advice on Assistive Technology and Communication products across Canada and the UK

To have our own Assistive Technology solutions, adopted across Canada and the UK as transformational tools for modernizing Inclusivity Services

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