Disability and Inclusivity

Disability is a matter of perception and historically speaking has more to do with society’s failure to recognize the abilities, talents and skills that people with a disability have to offer.  The same can be said in the mental health space.

At Distinctability our objective is to help redress those perceptions and to provide a very distinct and specific range of services and solutions to those working to create opportunities for others, to help them to accelerate the shift in employment practices.

We aim to help turn Disability into ThisAbility as a phrase on everyone’s lips

People with exceptionalities overcome challenges on a daily basis, as well as knowledge and capabilities they have inbuilt characteristics of resilience, endurance and persistent and overcome challenges on a daily basis. The propensity to learn and the keen desire to work and contribute is what we want to help expose.

The D in Disability is for Different, and Difference can be Exceptional—and this is what will help turn Disability into ThisAbility.

What we do

Distinctability Ltd. is an innovative social purpose organization whose aim is to help professionals and employers to modernize and transform Inclusive Employment and Skills Development practices to be fully embracing of people with disabilities.

We do this by providing training, program enhancement and accessibility solutions, assistive technology expertise across a road and innovative range of inclusive products and services.

We develop and deliver interactive workshops, seminars, eLearning, digital resources and educational information; encompassing cutting-edge technology, tools, programs and best-practices from around the world. By focusing on disability and inclusivity themes, we introduce new solutions to stimulate and shift, thoughts and stigmas where challenges still exist.

How is Distinctability Different?

In all of the work that we do, from events to recommending technology solutions;

We are fully inclusive of the people we advocate for; our team, vendors and participants always include people with disabilities because we believe that exposure and appreciation will help accelerate opportunities.

We give back;

  • We are active volunteers out in the community, supporting inclusion and professional development initiatives including Autism Job Club, Diverse IT and Tech Under Twenty
  • Beginning in Q2 2019, we will be donating 5% of all profits to charities, causes and people that align with the mission and purpose of Distinctability (and we will share the positive impacts being made!)

Our sessions are interactive, using technology to learn, collaborate, share and connect.

We connect high and low-tech solutions to the organizations and people who will use and benefit from them.

Together with our network of inclusive international partners and experts, we collaboratively create and foster sustainable, inclusive skill and workforce development practices focused on the full integration & appreciation of non-traditional, untapped talent resources.

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