The Distinctability Academy eLearning Solution

A totally ground-breaking eLearning Development and Authoring Portal that provides access to our Suites of high quality courses.

Our own Titles combine with the unique provision of bespoke development, giving you the capability of creating and converting your own resources and documents into Instant eLearning – for your staff ,or your clients or your partners.

THE Distinctability Academy

“Made in Canada – Played in Canada”

We are so pleased to announce that the first Suite from our Library of Distinctability eLearning will now be released in April

All the titles in the Suite – Inclusivity and Equality – will be available for use and access either from our own Distinctability Academy,  OR they can be exported to your own LMS,  OR of course you can have your own internal branded and styled On-line Academy

Many of the courses are built using the skills and support of our own Team of people with disabilities and autism, clearly demonstrating their talents and capabilities.

Each of the courses can also be TAILORED to be uniquely styled and shaped to suit your own message & your own working contexts.  This is a completely UNIQUE feature of the Distinctability Academy

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Inclusivity and Equality Suite

Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Disability Awareness – working with people with disabilities

Transgender Employees – creating an inclusive workplace

Women in Leadership – Owning your strengths and skills

Managing across Cultures

Becoming a Progressive Employer

Fostering Innovation

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Harassment – what it is and what to do about it

Bullying in the Workplace

Creating a Workplace Wellness programme

Encouraging Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Creating a Positive Working Environment

English as a Second Language – a workplace communications primer

Code of Conduct – setting the Tone for your workplace

Mobbing in the Workplace

Generation Gap – Building an Age Diverse workplace and closing the

Conflict resolution – Dealing with difficult situations

Upcoming  Suites

Job Developer and Employment Skills Suite

Confidence and Personal Development Suite for Individuals

Coming Soon !




For the commissioning or creation of  Bespoke courses the process could not be simpler, quicker or more cost effective.

With our innovative “Direct to eLearning” Technology,  whether your source materials are Word documents, handouts or slides, the output is almost immediate.

eLearning content is created in structured, navigable and attractive formats ready for the further insertion of visuals, engagements and multimedia from the additional features – easily and simply in just moments.

You Do it – or We Do it

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