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All of our workshops and events are developed and delivered to support the needs of both organizations and employers, respectively.  They are designed to help you transform and modernize inclusive employment, accessibility and recruitment practices.  Additionally, all of our workshops are;

  • Fully inclusive – participants, vendors and Distinctability team members
  • Interactive– using technology to learn, collaborate, share and connect
  • Paperless –we provide e-resources and interactive, technology-based materials
  • eLearning –they are supported by access to pre and post Workshop eLearning from our Distinctability Academy

ALL the Workshops are a Half-Day in duration and can be delivered on your premises or in our host venue at TechPlace Centre in Burlington, ON.

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Transforming mindsets and opening eyes – a powerful interactive Workshop delivered with members of the full DA Team preparing managers and staff for a neurodiverse future. 

Illustration, facts, reality and discussion around the benefits of employing and working with people with disabilities.  Scenarios and facts shared are aimed to clearly illustrate the organizational and personal benefits that employers and employees will gain when opening doors and minds in a new way to individuals with exceptionalities and differences.

Raising awareness and knowledge of the full range of capacity building, transformative systems and solutions that can deliver more for all stakeholders.    

An overview of the assistive technology landscape, from a support and development perspective.  It includes introductory product demonstrations, innovative programs, processes and a range of resources available to enable service providers to better equip people with disabilities, or other barriers to employment to tap into their full potential and achieve their life and career goals.

Participants will be given an insight into digital and e-tools available, to increase sustainable employment outcomes, to change and rebalance their support and capacity models.

Stay up-to-date with the latest products, programs and best-practices from around the globe that are enhancing supported employment programs for people with disabilities. 

We will share reviews from Distinctability’s expert panel, share research, results and access.

Refine your “standard interviewing process”, and learn techniques and models for uncovering the wider pool of talent and offering real, inclusive opportunities.

This session focuses on developing and incorporating innovative approaches and techniques to standard interviewing process to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their abilities.

Historically, a job interview is the tool most commonly used by organizations to assess a job applicant; a conversation-based question and answer session for the purpose of discovering whether a person has the ability, attitude and motivation required to adequately fulfil the needs of a vacant position and the respective employer.  In reality, how truly effective are conversation-based interviews overall for all job candidates, whether neurotypical or neurodivergent?

Distinctability is privileged to now be bringing Makaton to Canada as a tool for social and workplace transformation, and to be responsible for the development of a national network of Trainers and Tutors in organizations throughout Canada.

Makaton is a multi-model language programme that uses speech, signs and symbols. Makaton is used extensively in the UK; France; New Zealand and in countries as diverse as Russia and Greece. Today well over 100,000 people in the UK, use Makaton.

This workshop will provide you with information about what Makaton is and how it can be used within your environment. You will also learn some basic signs and symbols for some of the concepts that you will find useful in a supported employment context – as an employer or service provider. As well as providing resources on the day and introducing the process for becoming a Makaton Trainer and Tutor.

Monthly Product Showcases (Webinars) – 90-minute webinar

Each month we will deliver an in-depth overview of a Distinctability recommended feature product, program or solution for supported employment or Employer capacity and sustainability.

Open Workshops

Look out for the upcoming dates of our new Open series of Workshops and Webinars, featuring sector specific topics from Canadian and International speakers.

Our training session offering is continuing to expand – watch this space or contact us today for more information!

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